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Tib and Tumtum
by Grimaldi

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In this book, I read about a boy who had a friend dinosaur. I like this book because it is funny and entertaining. In the middle, Tib puts mud on his face and his whole head turns red. Another funny part was he went to camp and learned how to tell poop and after camp was over he wanted to see Tumtum's poop.

Sonic and the Tales of CDeception
by Jake Black

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This book is about a lot of adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.I like this book because it is adventurous and interesting. For example, there was this future Sonic who turned out to be a robot that Dr. Eggman created. You should read this book because you will like all the missions.

Son Of Sobek
by Rick Riordan

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I liked this book because I like reading about mythology and Rick Riordan's books. In the book, two characters from two different series meet at a swamp fighting a monster. They follow the monster to a neighborhood where they continue fighting the monster and getting rid of it. At the end of the story, they talk and one character leaves a hieroglyph on the other person's hand as a way to contact him.

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